Here are some stories I've written on a variety of subjects.  Keep in mind, they can get rather bizarre and the victims are generally nonconsenting.  Just don't read 'em if you don't like that kinda thing.  That's what amuses me to write about, and that's what fantasy is for.  Newest towards top. 

The stories are available in several formats for convenience: MS Word .docs (default), html text, and Adobe PDF files on all but the smallest texts.  You can use the html for online viewing if you wish, but I find the format unpleasant for longer reads.  The PDF files are the best quality for offline reading and printing, though you'll need the (free) Adobe Reader to view them. 

Heartless (html) (pdf) - a desperate girl goes in search of her kidnapped girlfriend, and finds herself in the clutches of a monster.  (2011)

Random Slave Role Generator - peek into the Evil Dolly's mind and find out what kind of slave you must become!  And then read a description.  Not exactly a story by itself, but you can construct your own daydream stories out of the results, be they good or bad.  There are literally hundreds of possible combinations.  (2010)

Metal and Memory (html) (pdf) - a tale of super-heroines and super-villains set in Madam Kistulot's Midasverse.  It includes mind control and non consentual cyberneticism.  (2009)

Ex Machina (html) (pdf) - inner monologues in a world where people have become much more useful.  (2008)

Hallway (html) - a very brief vignette of a dreamlike sequence.  Candy pink puddles.  (2007)

Doll Diary (html) (pdf) - a journal account of an event in the future, following a great deal of war and strife.  It's meant to be historical flavor for the Second Life Latex Dolls group.  It won't make much sense to the unitiated, but I'm putting it here anyway.  (2007)

Eudeamon (html) (pdf) - a near-future, sci fi story.  A reporter investigates a novel form incarceration and gets much more than she bargained for.  Has some latex appeal.  Available for purchase in Italian here by Zero91 publishing.  (2007, updated 2008)

Beauty in Repose (html) (pdf) - a morbid tale of everlasting love.  Ah, romance.  (2005)

My Pet Zombie - a gory and darkly humorous satire, done in the style of an informative webpage.  No, the links aren't supposed to work, they're there for atmosphere.  (2005)

Rest and Relaxation (html) (pdf) - a motivated young woman must adjust to an early retirement.  Keywords:  kidnapping, orthopedic braces, saliva, dolls.  (2005)

Vainglorious (html) (pdf) - a sappy love story, of sorts.  Involves hair abuse.  That's right, I said hair abuse. (2004)

Sunworshiper (html) (pdf) - a story of limited appeal.  Focuses on heat/sunbathing/sweat fetishes.  Not something you see often, which is why I wrote it.  (2003)

Workout Girl (html) (pdf) - a monologue about the transformation of a lazy sub by way of forced exercise.  (2003)

Terra in Furs (html) (pdf) - a hapless girl captured by lesbian fur fetishists.  Don't ya hate when that happens?  Involves kidnapping and some violence.  (~2000)

Home Sweet Home (html) (pdf) - she has to adjust to a new lifestyle.  An extremely mean-spirited story.  Wrote it long ago.  Includes kidnapping, abuse, smoking fetish, forced intoxication, and general nastiness.  (~1999)

Wayward Daughters (html) - a monologue concerning the taming of some out-of-control girls.  Involves aging and hirsutism.

The Baby (html) (pdf) - a tale of forced babyhood.  I also wrote it in my teens. (~1992)

The Boutique (html) (pdf) - your typical mannequin transformation story.  Please excuse its flaws, it was my first story.  I wrote it when I was sixteen.  (~1991)

more to come eventually... ever so slowly...

Just for the curious, here is a page that provides my personal thoughts and recollections behind the stories (Caution! Contains spoilers):   Behind the Scenes