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  • Nothing new on the site at the moment, but I did  finally start a Twitter.  Gimme a follow, if you're into that sorta thing.
  • 8/26/16 - A brand new short story entitled Glow Worm.  Hmm, what could that be about?  Let's find out together.
  • 2/14/16 - Grand news!  It's Valentine's Day, and that can only mean... my novella Heartless is now available as an e-book on Amazon!  If you're a fan of my stories, please consider offering your friendly Dollmother your support by purchasing a copy of your very own.  I put an awful lot of work into it.  And don't forget to leave a kindly review!  It does help me out.
  • 1/28/16 - Added an alternative layout for mobile users (it looked all funny using the desktop layout on phones).  Let me know if you find any errors or broken links in the mobile version, please and thank you.
  • 5/05/15 - Major site reconstruction!  I felt it was overdue for some polish and shine, so I've remade anew.  Anew!  Isn't that lovely, my dolls?  Isn't it bright and pretty?
  • 2/17/12 - No site updates, but I've restarted my blog and moved it from LiveJournal to Blogger.  It is here.  Hopefully I'll be better at keeping it up.  I also reuploaded Heartless after an editing pass, nothing major.  Slightly revamped my slave-seeking page.  That's about it.
  • 9/26/11 - After a couple weeks of frenzied writing, I present you, dear dollies, with the new story Heartless.  From me... to you.
  • 8/09/11 - I'm still here!  I would never leave you, my dolls.  I've been working on multiple new stories.  Meanwhile, I've done a little editing of Rest and Relaxation (clarifications, fixing typos, nothing major or even noticeable to most).  There's a new drawing in the Gallery.  I've also added the 'Penetrated' role to the Random Slave Role Generator.  I added the 'Pregnant' role a little while back but don't think I made an update regarding it.
  • 7/11/10 - I'll tell ya what's new.  I've created a Random Slave Role Generator!  It's an html script that combines a descriptor (such as Latex) and a role (such as Maidservant) to provide a role and a blurb describing said role.  It's not a cohesive story by itself, rather a collection of about 700 mini-vignettes.  Yeah... it took a while.  Hopefully, people will find it entertaining!
  • 3/26/09 - News!  Eudeamon has been published in Italy as an Italian language paperback.  I've added a sort of Behind the Scenes article to be found at the bottom of the Stories page.  It's simply a commentary about some of the stories I've written.
  • 1/15/09 - I offer to you, dear reader, Metal and Memory.   It's a new story about a would-be heroine who is determined to confront the ghosts of her past... but may discover far more than she bargained for in the searching.
  • 7/29/08 - Nothing really new, but I revamped the stories page.  I now offer pdf versions of most stories.  For your viewing pleasure!  Also, for Eudeamon fans, I've finally uploaded the 'finished' version.  :Editing protocol activated.  Increase story length by ten percent:
  • 6/12/08 - A new short story, Ex Machina, on the stories page.  I'm still working on a very long story, but I tend to get bogged down by it, so I divert my attention to shorter ones.
  • 10/28/07 - Added two new very short texts to the stories page (Hallway and Doll Diary).  It's not much, but I'm still working on a very long and involved story, so I'm putting these two up as they're better than nothing.
  • 2/03/07 - New story, Eudeamon, hot off the presses.
  • 12/08/05 - Just finished a new story here, Beauty In Repose.  Beware of women with their own coffins.
  • 8/16/05  -  Added a quickie, sort of story on the stories page.  My Pet Zombie.  It's a grim comedy piece.
  • 6/30/05  -  The latest story, Rest and Relaxation, is finally here.  It's huge!  It's so big that I strongly recommend using the downloadable version to read it, if you have a mind to.  It'll make it a whole lot easier on your eyes.  Hssss!
  • 5/23/04  -  Vainglorious added to the stories page.  Yes, I know it's been a long time since a last update.  I've been busy and stuff.
  • 9/19/03  -  New story, Sunworshiper, in the stories section.  Always pet the sweaty things.
  • 9/02/03    -  Well, everything!  The url, the site, it's all so very new!