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A personal portfolio of stories and art.
Mature Content Warning
This site is intended for Adults Only. It may contain explicit and disturbing stories and images. Do not enter if you're uncomfortable with themes of BDSM, bondage, fantasy slavery, sexuality and fetishism.
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Welcome to Evil-Dolly.com

where captivity and forced transformation
is a happy and colorful thing!

Welcome! This is Evil Dolly, your friendly dollmother. Oh, do come in, do! Thank you ever so much for stopping by my boudoir, my little sanctum. I'm charmed! Delighted! And all that lovely poppycock. My name is Erika, and this is a little portfolio for sharing some of the things I've made with curious folks just ... like ... you.

Inside you'll find stories I've written and drawings I've made. Almost all have a theme of D/s, bondage, enslavement, fetishism, transformation, body mods of a peculiar and nonconsensual nature, and various and sundry perversities. You know ... the good stuff.