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What's New!

The place where I keep my updates.

  • 2/1/24 - It's all brand new! Again! The software I used to make the site went belly-up, so I had to learn a new software to edit and modernize everything. I needed to rebuild the site from the ground up, so that's what I did - with my own hands. I added some page transition animations, redesigned the mobile version with a neat little menu. Also! I took the Random Slave Role Generator and made it its own stand-alone site. The link's up there in the menu. I worked really hard on all this, my dollies, and I hope it works for you. Please send me a message if something seems to broken.
  • 8/26/16 - A brand new short story entitled Glow Worm. Hmm, what could that be about?  Let's find out together.
  • 2/14/16 - Grand news! It's Valentine's Day, and that can only mean... my novella Heartless is now available as an e-book on Amazon! If you're a fan of my stories, please consider offering your friendly Dollmother your support by purchasing a copy of your very own. I put an awful lot of work into it. And don't forget to leave a kindly review!  It does help me out.
  • 5/05/15 - Major site reconstruction! I felt it was overdue for some polish and shine, so I've remade anew. Anew! Isn't that lovely, my dolls? Isn't it bright and pretty?
  • 9/26/11 - After a couple weeks of frenzied writing, I present you, dear dollies, with the new story Heartless.  From me... to you.
  • 8/09/11 - I'm still here! I would never leave you, my dolls. I've been working on multiple new stories. Meanwhile, I've done a little editing of Rest and Relaxation (clarifications, fixing typos, nothing major or even noticeable to most). There's a new drawing in the Gallery. I've also added the 'Penetrated' role to the Random Slave Role Generator. I added the 'Pregnant' role a little while back but don't think I made an update regarding it.
  • 7/11/10 - I'll tell ya what's new.  I've created a Random Slave Role Generator!  It's an html script that combines a descriptor (such as Latex) and a role (such as Maidservant) to provide a role and a blurb describing said role.  It's not a cohesive story by itself, rather a collection of about 700 mini-vignettes.  Yeah... it took a while.  Hopefully, people will find it entertaining!
  • 3/26/09 - News!  Eudeamon has been published in Italy as an Italian language paperback.  I've added a sort of Behind the Scenes article to be found at the bottom of the Stories page.  It's simply a commentary about some of the stories I've written.
  • 1/15/09 - I offer to you, dear reader, Metal and Memory.   It's a new story about a would-be heroine who is determined to confront the ghosts of her past... but may discover far more than she bargained for in the searching.
  • 7/29/08 - Nothing really new, but I revamped the stories page.  I now offer pdf versions of most stories.  For your viewing pleasure!  Also, for Eudeamon fans, I've finally uploaded the 'finished' version.  :Editing protocol activated.  Increase story length by ten percent:
  • 6/12/08 - A new short story, Ex Machina, on the stories page.  I'm still working on a very long story, but I tend to get bogged down by it, so I divert my attention to shorter ones.
  • 10/28/07 - Added two new very short texts to the stories page (Hallway and Doll Diary).  It's not much, but I'm still working on a very long and involved story, so I'm putting these two up as they're better than nothing.
  • 2/03/07 - New story, Eudeamon, hot off the presses.
  • 12/08/05 - Just finished a new story here, Beauty In Repose.  Beware of women with their own coffins.
  • 8/16/05  -  Added a quickie, sort of story on the stories page.  My Pet Zombie.  It's a grim comedy piece.
  • 6/30/05  -  The latest story, Rest and Relaxation, is finally here.  It's huge!  It's so big that I strongly recommend using the downloadable version to read it, if you have a mind to.  It'll make it a whole lot easier on your eyes.  Hssss!
  • 5/23/04  -  Vainglorious added to the stories page.  Yes, I know it's been a long time since a last update.  I've been busy and stuff.
  • 9/19/03  -  New story, Sunworshiper, in the stories section.  Always pet the sweaty things.
  • 9/02/03    -  Well, everything!  The url, the site, it's all so very new!