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About the Author

So you want to know about me?

Who: Erika. I'm a quiet and soft-spoken person. I'm not talkative with people I don't know very well, social situations feel very awkward sometimes. Though I may often have a stoic demeanor, I'm a happy and easy-going person. I enjoy writing and sometimes drawing -- I express myself best through writing. I majored in art, but alas, I'm not all that good at it and I don't do it as much as I should. I have a large library read a great deal (some favorites: Vance, Barker, Moorcock, Williams). I like horror movies and I grew up loving films like Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. I am something of a geek. I build my own computers and enjoy PC games, mainly strategy and city builders/sims. 

I do not fit in and I don't have a need to, though I do sometimes find it a chore to feel out of place. I'm a cat person. I collect masks, like feminine mardis gras and Venetian masks, and porcelain jester and goth dolls. All of my life I've been a non conflicted mixture of contradictions, embracing both the light and the dark in myself ... I like kittens and dandelions as well as horror and degradation. I enjoy bright pastels and pinky-girly as much as the gothic and spooky. I'm very gentle and considerate when I'm not indulging my cruel streak, and I can be both cruel and sweet at the same time. I'm sentimental and silly. Sometimes, on a good day, I'm even witty.

What: I'm a transgender lesbian. I've been in the D/s scene for my entire adult life - it's just who I am. When I was young, I started out as a live-in house slave. As I grew older and more independent I became far more comfortable being dominant. I'm a mommy-domme with a sadistic streak, which probably comes out in a lot of my writing. I'm a bit of an deliberate BBW. I like feeling soft. I'm a freak and a pervert and proud of it ... though it does make certain aspects of life more troublesome.

Where: I live in Arkansas - a place with many trees and quite a few hills. Political climate aside, it's a decent place to live, but it gets awfully mosquito-ish in the summer and occasionally treacherously icy in the winter. There's certainly not much available here in the kink/fetish arena, so one has to entertain oneself. I live in a quiet, old part of town with a nice view of the valley.

Why:  Because it amuses me. Or could that mean, "Why Evil Dolly?" Well, Evil Dolly is something of an alter ego. It could also be said that she's closer to the "real" me than most people see. Why be evil? I'm not! I'm actually super-duper nice. But I am undeniably a kinky individual interested in all manner of dreadful / wonderful things. Also, there are a number of people in the world who would, without knowing me, call me evil because of what I enjoy, or for being transgender, or for being a lesbian, or for what I write, or for being unashamed, or for simply having the temerity to exist at all. I am proudly evil to spite those people.

What: is with all the body modification stuff? I've always been fascinated with the many modifications that can be done to the flesh, whether in fantasy or reality, medical or magical. My interests range anywhere from sissy-like ultra-feminization and bimboness to nullification or reduction to a freakish fetish object. The body and the mind are a canvas that can be decorated and remade in wonderful ways. Of course, what is wonderful to me may be disturbing to most people. Given that knowledge, it's ironic that I have no particular mods myself, other than pierced ears. Funny world.

Miscellaneous likes: I like shades of pink and purple. I like fluffy mimosa flowers and thunderstorms. I like wind and autumn and cloudy skies. I like snow when it's not knocking out my power. I'm a wife and a mother. I collect books, a few Legos, and bondage art. I like the sound cicadas make in summer.

Well, that's a pretty general summation. If there's anything else you wanted to know, ask. I'll probably tell. If you have a morbid fascination with my random ramblings, you check out my blog. I update it from time to time. I'm happily married to a woman who is my best good friend and a wonderful slave. At one time I had personal ad on my site for, you know, seeking a slave. That page is now defunct, but at my slave's request I'm keeping it up for posterity's sake. It can be found here: slave page.