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Story Time!

a catalogue of delightful tales

Presented here is the latest correspondence from the intrepid adventurer, minstrel, and field researcher Evangeline Peppertree. You may have already seen some of her letters reproduced in such venerable publications and penny booklets as Croaker's Tome, The Scarlet Cities Bi-annual, or even the Auld Gabble. In this latest dispatch, the inestimable Ms. Peppertree finds herself in a sticky situation as she seeks to expose and reveal, for our intellectual delectation, the secret life of: the Harpy. (2023)
Bound in the back of a stranger's van, a young woman awaits her uncertain fate. Is her captor a psychopath or something worse? Are they even human? She doesn't know what they want with her, but it may turn out to be far weirder than she could imagine. Keywords: forced transformation, annelid love. (2016)
In this darkly romantic psychological thriller, Layla, a desperate young woman, goes in search of Iris, her mysterious, kidnapped girlfriend. She finds herself in the clutches of the sadistic cult who had enslaved and tortured Iris for years. When confronted by a monster from Iris's past, Layla doubts she will be able to free herself, much less rescue her missing lover. Will her love be true enough to find mercy in the hearts of the merciless? And who really is Iris? Can you ever truly know the person to whom you've given your heart? (2011, 2016)

Available now as an e-book from Banished Press.
You've been kidnapped and taken to the Mansion of Broken Dolls! Of all the bad luck. Peek into the Evil Dolly's mind and find out what kind of slave you must become! Or decide what kind of slaves your friends will be. Not exactly a story by itself, but you can construct your own daydreams out of the results, be they good or bad. There are literally over a thousand possible combinations. The link takes you to the Random Slave Role Generator stand-alone site. (2010)
The tale of a former mind-slave who becomes a super heroine and discovers her personal nemesis. Set in Madam Kistulot's Midasverse. It includes brainwashing, mind control, and non consensual cyberneticism. (2009)
Dueling inner monologues in a world where machines have had enough and humans have become much more useful. (2008)
A very brief vignette of a dreamlike scene. A doll and candy pink puddles. Just the way we like it. (2007)
A journal account of an event in the future, following a great deal of war and strife. It was meant to be historical flavor for the old Second Life Latex Dolls group. It likely won't make much sense to the uninitiated, but I'm putting it here anyway. (2007)
A near-future, sci-fi story. A reporter investigates a novel form incarceration and gets much more than she expected.  Has some latex appeal. (2007)
A morbid tale of everlasting love. Ah, romance. Involves premature burial. (2005)
A gory and darkly humorous satire, done in the style of an informative web page from the 90s. No, the broken image links aren't supposed to work, they're there for atmosphere. (2005)
A motivated young woman must adjust to an early retirement. Keywords:  kidnapping, orthopedic braces, saliva, dolls.  (2005)
A sappy love story, of sorts, between a proud girl and her domineering stepmother. Involves hair abuse. That's right--hair abuse. (2004)
A story of limited appeal. Focuses on heat/sunbathing/sweat fetishes. Not something you see often, which is why I wrote it: because somebody had to. (2003)
A little tale about the transformation of a lazy sub by way of forced exercise. (2003)
A hapless girl is captured by lesbian fur fetishists. Don't you hate when that happens? Involves kidnapping, strange medical procedures, and some violence. (~2000)
An odd, little monologue concerning the taming of some out-of-control daughters. Involves premature aging and hirsutism.  (~1999)
A tale of forced babyhood. I also wrote it in my teens. (~1993)
This is your typical mannequin transformation story. Please forgive its flaws, it was my first ever kinky story. I wrote it when I was a teen. (~1993)
Included for the curious, here is a bonus page that provides my personal thoughts and recollections behind each story (Caution! Contains spoilers):
Behind the Scenes